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About Me

Jordan Michael Rutherford
To the internet meanderer who stumbles upon my website – Welcome and hello!  You are currently looking at the constant work in progress that is my portfolio.  A portfolio based off of one simple idea: if I connect with an experience, I want to preserve and share that feeling.  That is the essence of visual media to me.  To take a moment that no one has experienced before and invoke emotion through a bunch of pixels or ink is wholesome.  Better yet, to take an experience that others have lived and provide them with the opportunity to rediscover it through another lens is seductive.  The experiences that have sculpted these outlooks include but are not limited to: capturing and producing video for cultural shows, variety shows, corporate presentations and theatrical productions.  Furthermore, I have developed my photography through shooting weddings, car shows and personal projects fueled by inspiration.  As a young photographer/videographer I look forward to finding more subjects to capture through my own perspective and learning about the craft from my predecessors.  As for now, I will continue to work towards expressing myself through visual media.  After all, photography is all about developing.



“You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.” -Joan Miro
Adobe Make the Cut 2017 Submission Imagine Dragons Believer
Mustang Wally Provided Audio and Visual Recording to Band
University of Toronto: Blue Sky Solar Racing Provided audio and visual recording for the team as well as editing the final product
Mustang Wally  - Promo Video 2018 Provided Audio and Visual Recording to Band
Bruce Springsteen’s  I’m on Fire (Cover) Provided Audio and Visual Recording to Band and final edit to Band
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